Phd is a new band consisting of guitar players Peter Hertmans and Thomas Decock, trombonist Peter Delannoye, double bass player Lennart Heyndels and drummer Matthias De Waele.

The intermingling sound of the two guitars and the trombone reminds of the openness of Paul Motian’s or Bill Frisell’s approach, but also of the ‘Scandinavian’ sound of Jacob Bro or Sigur Ros, creating a big sound that the audience experiences as pictural.

The purity and melodic simplicity are important factors in a repertoire that invites every band member to express himself freely, both as an individual as as a band member. Both original compositions and arrangements of classical or liturgical music are combined and put in a new perspective in full respect of the original music.This tasteful symbiosis is unique in the Belgian jazz scene. The audience stays attentive all along, thanks to the surprising concept that encloses many musical genres.