footooo groep


 Is Thomas’ main project that was formed in 2015. They play original music that’s mostly written by Thomas. The compositions are situated in the idiom of modern jazz and feature all the aspects that one can expect in the genre; inventive harmonies, propulsing rhythms, dynamic passages and impressionistic melodies that are recognizable to the audience.

These musical ingredients create a platform for interactive improvisation, wherein the members of the band are pushing the boundaries of their creativity. The music is enforced by the strong solistic capacities of the musicians, each with his personal story, but always rooted in the tradition of jazz music.

The quintet’s band members are all bandleaders in their own right. Tenorist Steven Delannoye recently released his New York trio album ‘Here comes Tomorrow’, Pianist Alex Koo, currently residing in New York can be heard on his debut ‘Dance of Hope’, Drummer Martin Krümmling from Berlin brought out his CD The Vision Behind in 2012 and Bassist Martijn Vanbuel, a long time Taiwan resident, is busy working on his own ‘Yuan’ trio.

Light Travelers debut CD came out in fall 2015 and will soon be available on all digital platforms.

light travelers coverfoto jpg